I designed my first collection as 4 mini collections, but soon I realised that customers like to mix them all up. For my second collection I designed it as one collection. I’m now much more relaxed and depending on the customer’s style my collections can be clashed or coordinated together

Yes I do. Please contact me and I’d be happy to chat through your requirements to meet your specific needs. 

My collections are all designed and produced in the UK, using qualitiy materials, using fair labour. I'm focused on having a responsible supply change to ensure sustainability from concept through to finished package product.

Wallpaper Hanging

After preparing the walls-(We recommend using cross-line with the appropriate grade of lining paper – we recommend WALLROCK FIRELINER Class Zero Reinforced Lining Paper. Avoid white lining paper for dark wallpapers)

Dark coloured wallpaper may need the edges coloured with a slightly lighter shade of chalk or pastel to prevent white edges showing

We recommend using a traditional, starch based, ready mixed tub paste such as Beeline or Solvite Prepared Paste suitable for medium weight paste-the wall wallpaper, available from most specialist decorator suppliers.PVA or PVC type adhesives are not suitable as they may cause surface staining or adhesion problems. Paste should not come into contact with the printed side of the wallpaper. If this is unavoidable, gently wipe off with a clean damp sponge whilst the paste is moist using clean water only. THE WALLS SHOULD BE PASTED NOT THE WALLPAPER. Use a felt roller for smoothing the wallpaper down.

Hanging: Only cut and hang 1 length at a time. Check which way up the design is before hanging. Do not crease the paper when folding lengths. Trim tops and bottoms of lengths with decorator’s shears or a sharp knife. Paste the wall and hang the unpasted wallpaper length directly on the wall. When hanging pre-trimmed paper the joints should be tightly butted, never overlap and gently but firmly smoothed down with an edge roller. When hanging wide width un-trimmed paper, hang the unpasted wallpaper panel directly on the pasted wall overlapping one edge over the other e.g. left hand edge over right hand edge until the pattern is perfectly matched, referring to the pattern match where indicated on the selvedge. Using a sharp decorator’s knife cut through both layers, remove the excess material and gently but firmly smooth down the matching edges with a seam roller. If necessary, re-apply paste to edges to ensure they are firmly stuck down.

Removing:This product peels off easily without the need for steaming or soaking. Simply lift a corner at the base of the wall and peel the top, printed layer upwards, leaving the backing paper in situ. If choosing to wallpaper over the backing paper make sure any lifted or torn edges are pasted or rubbed down. It may be necessary to ‘size’ the wall in order to make sure all the moisture from the wallpaper paste isn’t absorbed into the dry surface.

Finishing: For added protection we recommend ‘POLYVINE’ water-based varnish in Dead Matt. This may slightly affect the colour appearance and must be trialed on a sample area or piece of wallpaper to ensure satisfaction with the finished appearance. Allow the wallpaper to thoroughly dry before varnishing using a low pressure high volume spray or good quality decorator’s synthetic brush for an even finish. For further information see www.polyvine.com.

Maintenance: Dust occasionally with a soft clean cloth to remove loose dirt and clean with a damp cloth or sponge; use water sparingly and do not get the surface wet. Make a sudsy solution of a mild white detergent (hand dish washing liquid) in cool water in one bucket, and cool rinse water in a second bucket. Then clean the walls from the bottom up, very gently wiping in a circular motion, first with a damp sudsy sponge, then with a damp rinsing sponge.Pat gently with a clean soft cloth or bath towel to remove any surface moisture. If any area has to be re-washed to remove soil, let it dry completely before washing again.

Do not use cleaners with harsh solvents and avoid aggressive rubbing e.g. with pencil eraser or rough cloth. Suitability for Purpose:

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that our wallpapers are of the highest quality, slight variation in shade or pattern may occur during manufacture. Before cutting and hanging, please inspect every roll to ensure that they are in good condition, that they are from the same print batch and that the edges match correctly. The company cannot accept any liability for defects in the condition of the product or matching which are apparent at the time of hanging, nor can the company be responsible for any consequential loss. All labels should be retained until hanging is complete and to your satisfaction.

To minimize the hazard in the event of fire DO NOT hang wallpapers over expanded polystyrene veneers or any other such highly flammable products and ensure that wallpapers are always firmly stuck down.