We’re celebrating the first Made in UK Day,  9th March 2021

We’re celebrating the first Made in UK Day, 9th March 2021

As the appetite to shop locally and support local businesses grows, we’re taking part in the first-ever Made in UK Day on Tuesday 9 March 2021.


Rebecca J Mills Scaled 2 Animal Print Tulle Skirt Made in the UK


The Made in UK Day campaign has been created by Make it British to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Started as a blog by ex-retail Buyer Kate Hills, to champion all the wonderful products that are made in the UK, the Make it British website has now been visited by more than 6.5 million people looking to buy UK-made products and search for UK manufacturers. This year alone has seen a 68% increase in enquiries since the UK left the EU’s single market and customs union.  

Made in UK Day


UK manufacturing is currently worth £192 billion to the UK economy and employs 2.7 million people. More than 65 million people live in the UK and if everyone bought just one item made in the UK worth £20 on Made in UK Day it would be worth £1.3billion.

Here at Rebecca J Mills Designs all our products are made in the UK; this allows us to get so much closer to achieving our sustainability goals.

It means using quality materials, fair labour and striving toward a responsible and transparent supply chain from concept through to finished packaged product.

Being closer to our production means we have more control over achieving zero waste and a lower carbon footprint.

On top of our own specific goals, producing in the UK also helps preserve UK manufacturing, promotes craftsmanship, saves essential skills, creates job opportunities and boosts local economies, there’s certainly a lot of benefits!


Rebecca J Mills Botanic and Scaled 1 Animal Print Cushions


You may have noticed recently that our website has had a facelift thanks to @yaz_designs and it feels so much fresher. This is to be in line with, and celebrate the fact that we can now say all our Rebecca J Mills products are all Made in the UK! 

Over the Christmas period we evaluated the products and the direction Rebecca J Mills is moving. You may have noticed last year that we were testing out a lot of products and forming what type of brand we wanted to be. 

We are now focused on Home Decor, Fashion and Accessories. From the beginning of Rebecca J Mills we’ve worked hard to find suppliers that we’re happy with, that fit with our values around sustainability and quality. 

It’s been a tough decision but we decided to stop working with our supplier from Europe. With Brexit kicking in and making things more complicated, we realised that it’s important for us to focus on UK production. This means that we will be stopping with the activewear side of the business until we can find a UK supplier that we are happy with, producing a great quality product; we’ll keep you posted on this as we go. 

Now we can officially say that the Rebecca J Mills collection is 100% made in the UK! 

This feels very right and ties in so nicely with the Make It British campaign. Kate Hills has been championing this for the last 10 years,  so we’re going to share in her anniversary with our own milestone too! 

Best wishes 

Rebecca x