How We Can Help with Beautifully Bespoke Projects
Are you looking to refresh a room in your home? During the lockdown period and beyond we’ve been working closely with many customers to help them with bespoke looks for their homes. This can take the form of a virtual call or a social distanced face to face meeting. Whether it’s cushions, lampshades, wallpaper or fabric for curtains and blinds or to reupholster a beloved piece of furniture, we can help you pull this together.
Supporting Small Businesses Post Lockdown and Why It's Still Important to Shop Local

DesignPop Teddington has re-opened! It’s so lovely to be back.

It’s great to see everyone in the community again and be surrounded by the hub of creativity. Myself and Cassandra King have been overwhelmed by the support for our business during lockdown, and being back after all this time has made us appreciate each and every one of you even more! 

Read more about how to support small business and shopping local post lockdown.

How Upholstery can Reinvent Your Unloved Furniture
Using fabric and other materials to upholster an unloved piece of furniture can give it a whole new lease of life. In this blog, I want to share some lovely examples of my fabric being used by 3 very talented upholsterers, used to reinvent different types of furniture.
We’re celebrating the first Made in UK Day, 9th March 2021
As the appetite to shop locally and support local businesses grows, we’re taking part in the first-ever Made in UK Day on Tuesday 9 March 2021.     The Made in UK Day campaign has been created by Make it...
5 Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Home

Are you fed up of looking at the same four walls this lockdown? 

Stuck at home, kids going mad, rubbish weather...are your four walls just another thing not bringing you any joy right now? Sometimes it all gets on top of us and it’s important to try and take a step back. 

In this blog I want to share some simple ideas on how you freshen up your home this lockdown. It doesn’t have to be the whole house, it could be the room you spend the most time in. Maybe it’s your home office, or the kitchen where you are homeschooling the kids. There are a few simple things you could do that will bring you some extra comfort in these challenging times and help you fall back in love with your home.