Supporting Small Businesses Post Lockdown and Why It's Still Important to Shop Local

Supporting Small Businesses Post Lockdown and Why It's Still Important to Shop Local

DesignPop Teddington has re-opened! It’s so lovely to be back.

It’s great to see everyone in the community again and be surrounded by the hub of creativity. Myself and Cassandra King have been overwhelmed by the support for our business during lockdown, and being back after all this time has made us appreciate each and every one of you even more! 

DesignPop Teddington- Outside

Lockdowns and Brexit Has Been Tough for Small Businesses 

The harsh reality is that many businesses will not have survived these three lockdowns and with the added hit of Brexit, it's sadly been too much for some. It feels like the pandemic has polarised people’s shopping habits. While we’ve seen incredible support for independent businesses, it’s also clear that large online organisations such as Amazon have benefited significantly from high street shops not being open. 

Why Shopping Small and Local Still Matters  

Now that high street and local shops are back open, here are some powerful facts about the importance of shopping with small and medium sized businesses: 

  • Research on spending by local authorities shows that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business, 63p stayed in the local economy, compared to 40p with a larger business.
  • Small businesses are by far the biggest UK employer, accounting for three-fifths of employment in the private sector
  • Buying locally produced goods from local shops helps to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Independent shops bring much-needed originality and variety to communities.

These to me highlight just a few reasons why shopping small and shopping local is so important right now. We need to boost our local economies after months of lost income. 

DesignPop Teddington Lampshades

Other Ways to Continue Supporting Small Businesses 

I talked about this last year for Small Business Saturday; these are some simple things you can do to help your favourite small businesses, they are now even more important post lockdown:

  1. Like a comment and share their posts on social media - show your support through engagement 
  2. Recommend them to friends and family - if you have had a good service or experience with a small business share this with your loved one. Word of mouth invaluable to small businesses and goes a long way 
  3. Write a positive review - I’ve recently updated my website and in the process I lost all my lovely reviews from my old website. If you have brought from me in the past I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a review under the item you purchased. 
  4. Sign up to their newsletter - a great way to show support and find out the latest news and what’s going on with their business
  5. Send them a personal message - I can say from my experience that personal messages from customers mean a lot. I will always respond as building up my community is so important to me as a small business 
  6. Buy from them - shopping small and independent is really helping your local economy  

A Fresh Makeover for DesignPop Teddington! 

Farrow and Ball and Kelly Wearstler Colour Card

DesignPop has had a makeover and is looking gorgeous. We’ve painted it in Palm and Faded Terracotta from Farrow & Ball’s new range, which is part of their Californian Collection from the amazing designer Kelly Wearstler. The outside is bright Colbalt blue! We wanted the shop to look fresh and new and it’s now giving us a great vibe- you can't miss us!

DesignPop Teddington Fashion

We've also changed our name to DesignPop Teddington, as we're no longer just a Pop Up and are now a more permanent store. We're looking to continue with local creatives and supporting them in our space; more on this as we go.

We can’t wait for you to come in and see the new look of the shop and say hello!