How Upholstery can Reinvent Your Unloved Furniture

How Upholstery can Reinvent Your Unloved Furniture

Using fabric and other materials to upholster an unloved piece of furniture can give it a whole new lease of life. In this blog, I want to share some lovely examples of my fabric being used by 3 very talented upholsterers, used to reinvent different types of furniture and show you how that overlooked chair or sofa could become the favourite piece in your home!

A Tale of Two Cocktail Chairs - Inject Your Personality into Your Furniture

Sam @studio52_sam has created some fabulous bespoke pieces of furniture from stunning bar stools to larger pieces of furniture. With 20 years of experience in the Fashion industry, Sam restores and upholsters quality furniture using her eye for fabric and form; she’s able to give a piece of furniture a unique and bespoke twist to ensure it truly reflects your style and home.


Dream Bar Stools


Shown below, these mustard mid century cocktail chairs didn't quite fit in with the clients colour scheme; instead they chose to update them with my botanical ‘Breeze’ velvet print, finished with contrast piping and with the back in a complimentary teal velvet. Sam treated the legs with a darker stain and wax which gave them a warmer more luxe look. Reimagining something more modern is an excellent way to give your home a bespoke touch and reflect your personality if this is more your style. 


Sam @studio52_sam Cocktail Chairs Before
Sam @studio52_sam Breeze Cocktail Chairs


Landfill Legends - Turn Furniture Headed for the Dump into Contemporary Pieces

I also work closely with Sonia @upholsterydiaries, another very talented upholsterer. With a background in Graphics, Art and Textiles, Sonia can turn her hand to many things, she also expertly makes my cushions.


Sonia @upholserydiaries Chairs before shot


This found pair of chairs needed an overhaul and I was so pleased when Sonia used my Flare and Jam pink velvet fabrics for the job. They’ve been transformed into beautiful pieces with a contemporary twist. What was once a pair of regular chairs possibly headed to landfill, now look completely fresh and exciting, showing you really can breathe new life into most chairs with some great fabric. Jam and Flare are both part of a trio of fabric prints that came out towards the end of last year alongside Mono. 


Sonia @upholsterydiaries Flare Chair
Sonia @upholsterydiaries Jam Chiar


The Showstopper - Put Bold Style onto Antique Furniture

Sharon @vintique_upholstery was the first upholster I worked with, over two years ago. She helped me get ready for my first trade show @Topdrawerlondon with two beautiful chairs for my stand. I remember picking up my first piece from Sharon’s studio and feeling so overwhelmed and emotional at the sight of a beautiful cocktail chair covered with my Bouquet fabric, with the pattern so carefully placed. 


Bouquet Cocktail Chair by @vintique_upholstery


Sharon also has a background in Fashion and combines this with her philosophy that there’s beauty to be found in every piece of furniture, to create some show stopping pieces. 

Last year Sharon worked on a pair of antique Victorian Gentlemen’s library chairs. The client had specifically briefed that she wanted a flamboyant sense of style added to the chairs and her brief was: bold and vibrant. 


Gentleman's Chair @vintique_upholstery
I was over the moon when Sharon thought of my dramatic ‘Melt’ print in super soft velvet, finished with a contrasting neon piping. Now these chairs really are beautiful statement pieces.
Melt Chair Detail @vintique_upholstery
Melt Chair @vintique_upholstery


Sharon also works with the BBC and is regularly on their Money for Nothing program. During series 8 she chose to use my Lace inspired Delicate 1 print to update another Gentleman’s chair giving it feminine twist, updating another gorgeous piece of antique furniture. 

Working closely with an upholsterer can bring to life your vision. It's often hard to envisage but there’s always an opportunity for some amazing transformations. 

If you have a furniture project in mind or have your eye on one of my fabric designs but aren’t sure how to incorporate this in your home, please do get in touch through my website 


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